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Weather Forcast from National Weather Service for Pack Rat Paradise
Weather south of Uniontown from WSDOT
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Weather at HWY 95 and Shirrod RD From MesoWest Weather Uniontown
Pack Rat Paradise is located northeast of Colton, Washington near the Idaho border. Those of you in the Colton area may know it as the "Rach" or "Simpson" place. Pack Rat Paradise is about half way between Pullman, Washington and Lewiston, Idaho. Lewiston is about 2000 feet lower than Pack Rat Paradise.
small picture of rocking chair
Dorothy's chair
Hoover Hoover Drift Blues
Big barn's 31 days of fame.

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Backyard Dec 2007
Note 5 foot fence post on hill.
a day on 195
An animated gif of hwy 195 on Sunday Dec 30, 2007
Pack Rat Paradise Camera II Pack Rat Paradise Camera I
Jan 15, 2008 Jan 15, 2008 Jan 28, 2008 Jan 15, 2008
Jan 29, 2008 Jan 29, 2008 picture Feb 6, 2008

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"Live" views near Pack Rat Paradise from DOT and other cameras

rain bow
DOT cameras near PRP

Pack Rat Paradise is someplace under the rainbow
all 8
All 8 uniontown camera views.

View of Lewiston
Lewiston from Idaho DEQ camera
Cows may not be there now.


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